John’s Red or White Sangria


1 Cup brandy
1 Cup sugar
1 Bottle dry Spanish red wine or white wine (chilled)
1 Orange sliced into thin circles or 1/2 circles
1 Lemon sliced into thin circles or 1/2 circles
1 Green apple cubed
2 Fresh peaches sliced into quarters
1 Cup blueberries
1 Cup sliced strawberries
1 Cup fresh pitted cherries

Toss the sliced fruit with the sugar, then add the brandy and stir or toss (if your bowl is big enough). Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate to macerate overnight (or at least a few hours). Remove bowl from the fridge and add the bottle of chilled Spanish wine. Stir, sample and test for your sweetness preference; add more sugar if you want a sweeter Sangria. Cover and place in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight.

When you’re ready to enjoy, transfer to a pitcher with a large opening or punch bowl. Serve in a wine or cocktail glass.


John’s Grilled Fruit Rosé Sangria


1 Cup brandy
1 Cup sugar
1 Bottle cold dry Spanish Rosé
2 Ounces Grand Ten Fire Puncher Vodka
1/2 Cup Blood Orange Avocado Oil
1 Orange sliced medium thick
1 Lemon or Lime sliced medium thick
1 Cold peach sliced thick
2 Thyme sprigs

Heat your grill while slicing the fruit to get it very hot. Brush the sliced fruit with the Blood Orange Avocado oil and place on the hot grill to sear. Flip once after you get the char grill marks. The peaches will soften if they are sliced too thin. Transfer the grilled fruit to a large bowl, sprinkle with sugar and then pour the brandy and vodka over the fruit. Add the thyme sprigs, cover and refrigerate for a few hours to macerate. When you’re ready to serve transfer the fruit to a pitcher and stir in the cold Spanish Rosé. Serve in a wine or cocktail glass.



  • Chill the wine before adding to the fruit.
  • If using a punch bowl, pre-make a large ice block. Using a clean orange juice container, fill with water and freeze. Cut the cardboard container off of your ice block and place in your punch bowl. This will keep your Sangria chilled longer than using ice-cubes (that will melt and water down your Sangria).
  • If you like a sweeter Sangria consider adding a cup of orange juice.
  • For sparkling Sangria, use a spoon to fill glassware with macerated fruit, then top with chilled Cava. This works best with fewer fruits.
  • If your cutting board is filled with fruit juice while slicing up your fruit, add it to your fruit and brandy mixture.
  • To add more flavor considering adding other cold beverages to your Sangria mixture, like Mr. Q Cumber soda, Ginger Beer (in a white wine Sangria), Saint Germaine or Pavan (to sparkling Sangria). Or add fresh herbs to the final mixture like mint, basil, taragon or rosemary.