About US

We opened Social Wines because we wanted a place we would want to shop: with a thoughtful and uncommon selection, no intimidation and a friendly vibe.

  • We love wine, beer and spirits. That's why we're in this business.
  • We want to help you discover a fantastic bottle.
  • We only sell items we've tried and think are a good fit. We never sell items because they helped a salesperson win a golf trip or meet a sales goal.
  • Everyone's knowledge is different and growing constantly. We wouldn't want someone to "talk down" to us, and we won't do that to you.
  • We strive to be transparent and straightforward; we won't use gimmicks or fads to suggest bottles.
  • We focus on smaller producers because we believe these guys are still selling their passion.
  • We love when you stop in and tell us about something you recently tried.
  • We also love when you stop by with your dog.

Our People

Best of Boston Party 2015

Best of Boston Party 2015

John Libonati, Co-owner and Wine Thief

Wine retail, bar/lounge, culinary and restaurant background. 
Loves natural and Bordeaux wines.
Obsessed with Kelly Clarkson. Unfortunately too "mature" to continue gymnastics.
John's blog posts.

"Sharing is for 1st Graders."


Chris Schutte, Co-owner

Travel, internet, finance and bar background.
Big fan of natural wines and sippable spirits.
Loves urban life, travel opportunities and new tech-gadgets. And alt-80s music. 

"42. Because it's the ultimate answer to the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything."


Matt Maguire, Beer Director

Beer sales, distribution and "sampling" experience.
Can locate a single bottle buried deep in a stack of boxes in a matter of minutes.
Loves sour beers, funky wines, being on a boat and whistling in the cooler.
Matt's blog posts.

"Be here now."