Our Products

We’re a small family-owned business focused on our passion, and we love finding other people focused on their passions as well. From small family winemakers, to nano- and micro-brewers, to small-batch (and often local) distillers, we carry a well-curated collection of wine, craft beer and spirits. By curated we mean we carefully select each and every product that's on our shelves. Our wine collection is focused on independent and family producers. Our beer selection is primarily craft, micro-brews and select international choices, and our spirits shelves highlight small-batch and local distillers.

This does mean you won't find many big brands or heavily marketed products, but it also means you'll find fantastic selections crafted by incredibly passionate artisans at varying price points.

Our Wine Collection

We love hearing customers say: “I haven’t seen any of these labels before!” That means we’ve done our job. We work with lots of smaller importers and distributors to seek out and find wonderful wines that aren’t mass-produced. We’ve tasted every bottle that’s on our shelf, and there’s not a wine in the shop we wouldn’t proudly serve to family and friends. Every bottle may not fit everyone's palate, but every bottle is a good expression of the grape, the winemaker and its value.

We're also big fans of organic and biodynamic growing practices, as well as natural winemaking techniques. We feature 200+ throughout the shop and would love to chat with you about them. Also check out our Raw/Natural Wine page HERE.


There’s so much good beer produced, we can hardly find enough room! Our beer selection focuses on craft producers from MA, New England and beyond. Whether you’re a casual beer drinker or a die-hard beer fanatic, there’s something for every taste. From lighter golden styles, to hoppy IPAs (East or West coast), to dark and rich stouts, beer has come a long way since your Dad’s can of choice.

Our selection also includes many imports, gluten-free beer, hard ciders and sake. (Technically speaking, sake is brewed so we include it in our beer room.)

See a sampling of our beer collection HERE.


To be honest, we simply don’t have enough space to feature all the great spirits we would like. We rotate the collection, providing an opportunity to frequently try something new (although we do have some favorites that tend to stick around). This is definitely a curated collection, focusing on small-batch and local distillers.

If you’re a cocktail lover, we also offer liqueurs, bitters, cordials and amari for your creative concoctions.

Our Services

Personal Shopper
Let us put together a case for you based on what you like and how much you want to spend. If you're a Social Club member we can also look at your past purchases and choose accordingly. You can even call and request your case and we'll have it waiting for you or deliver it for free.


We deliver: $5 delivery fee applies for purchases under $75. Free delivery for purchases over $75 to South Boston, Fort Point and Downtown Boston neighborhoods only. We will call you to arrange a delivery window and attempt to make the delivery within 1-2 hours. Delivery is available Tuesday-Saturday from 12-8pm only. Please call the store to inquire about delivery outside our normal hours or neighborhoods. Someone 21 or older must be present to sign for all deliveries. We do not ship.

We host free tastings every Thursday and Friday from 5:30-8pm; beer on Thursdays and wine on Fridays. We also schedule special tastings that are listed on our Tastings page. Interested in an in-home or office tasting? Just give us a call!

Social Club
The 'Social Club' is our affectionate name for our customer club. If you sign up at the register (name and email) we remember all of your purchases. It's a great way to refresh your memory on wines you've tried, and helps us make recommendations. We also require Social Club membership for deliveries, and can easily take phone orders by looking up your previous purchases.

Wine Club
Our Wine Club is a great way to experience new wines every month, and also makes a great gift. More details and sign-up form HERE.